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The Platform

Asiabook makes it easy to connect with individuals looking for friendship. Currently, most social networks are dedicated to maintaining existing friends. This causes a connection gap related to the making of new friends. Asiabook creates a place where individuals are free to express their interests, hopes and dreams and find friends.

How Unique

It’s unique because the platform is entirely dedicated to individuals looking for friendship and connection. It’s special because users share their Life Story allowing potential friends to learn more about his/her hopes and dreams.

The Big Benefit

The big benefit is that it helps individuals and businesses find friends based upon their shared interests, hopes and dreams. This helps them avoid search costs traditionally related to the making of new friends.

Global Membership

Asiabook makes it easy for individuals and businesses to find and make friends. Users can create a profile and immediately start connecting with people looking for friendship. Fill out your Life Story now and start connecting at www.Asiabook.co

The Friendship Network

Makes it simple to connect with friendship minded individuals which eliminates the search costs related to finding new friends.

Life Story Marketplace

Makes it simple to express and learn about another’s values and life. Once you find a Life Story that captivates you, opt into it by becoming their friend.